Great business begins with connections.


Cambria Connect supports you in connecting your goals to rich opportunities at the Middle East. We are your marketing and follow-up company in UAE and neighbouring countries.


Our exclusive network and deep expertise and in international trade, banking and technology sectors enable us to forge win-win relationships between businesses transcending language and with respect to cultural aspects. 


We are based in Dubai and have years of experience in professional connections 

facilitation within GCC region. With outmost care for our network members we enable long lasting and productive business connections. 


  • Cambria Connect works on expanding the circle of trust by bringing powers together into a friendly environment and developing mutually beneficial relationships.

    Long-term relations is a core part of GCC business culture, based on understanding that win-win requires time, positive intentions and respect.


    We support our partners with:


    • Introduction of your business and individuals to powers of respected industries.

    • Organisation of curated events within participation of decision makers.

    • Enabling focused conversations with business leaders.

    • Providing business and technology vehicles to facilitate licensed trade and service deals.  



  • Professional  business network connections development.

  • Establishing your presence in the Middle East seamlessly resolving regulatory formalities.

  • Physical (shared or exclusive) or virtual office spaces in any GCC city and neighbouring countries.

  • Enabling ability to trade in any of the countries in GCC and neighbourhood.

  • Governmental and trade bodies connections facilitation.

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